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See below for the list of 2021 winners in the HEALTH & FITNESS category, for books with a copyright date of 2020. Click here to watch the Gold and Silver winner speeches.

All of Us Warriors: Cancer Stories of Survival and Loss
2021 Gold Winner

Author: Rebecca Whitehead Munn

Publisher: She Writes Press

ISBN: 978-1-63152-795-1

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In All of Us Warriors, Rebecca Whitehead Munn paints a realistic picture of the impact cancer has on an individual’s life, and she attempts to demystify the experience by sharing heartfelt stories from twenty survivors and the loved ones of those that passed.

Thyroid Cancer & Thyroid Nodules In 30 Minutes: A Guide to Symptoms, Diagnosis, Surgery, and Disease Management
2021 Silver Winner

Author: Per-Olof Hasselgren, M.D., Ph.D.

Publisher: i30 Media Corporation

ISBN: 978-1-64188-046-6

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Plain-English explanations, case studies, and illustrations from an experienced doctor help explain the basics of thyroid cancer and thyroid nodules.

What You Must Know About Strokes: How to Recover from a Stroke and Prevent Another Stroke
2021 Silver Winner

Authors: Amytis Towfighi, M.D. and Laura J. Stevens M.Sci.

Publisher: Square One Publishers, Inc.

ISBN: 978-0-7570-0483-4

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Written in plain English by a medical doctor stroke specialist and a health writer who sustained a stroke and bounced back from it, this useful guide offers all the information stroke survivors and their loved ones need to know in order to ask the right questions and make informed decisions.


See below for the list of 2020 winners in the HEALTH & FITNESS category, for books with a copyright date of 2019.

Training for the Uphill Athlete.jpg
Training for the Uphill Athlete: A Manual for Mountain Runners and Ski Mountaineers
2020 Gold Winner

Authors: Steve House, Scott Johnston, and Kilian Jornet

Publisher: Patagonia

ISBN: 978-1-938340-84-0

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In the tradition of Training for the New Alpinism, the first training book for mountain runners, ski mountaineers and skimo racers. Includes advice from the best endurance athlete in the world, Kilian Jornet.

Family Fit Plan.jpg
Family Fit Plan: A 30-Day Wellness Transformation
2020 Silver Winner

Author: Natalie Digate Muth, MD, MPH, RDN, FAAP

Publisher: American Academy of Pediatrics

ISBN: 978-1-61002-338-2

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This pediatrician-designed plan will help families kick-start their health and wellness and set the stage for long-term, lasting improvements in nutrition, fitness, sleep, stress, and screen use habits.

What to Eat During Cancer Treatment.jpg
What to Eat During Cancer Treatment: More than 130 Recipes to Help You Cope
2020 Silver Winner

Authors: Jeanne Besser, Barbara L. Grant, MS, RDN, CSO, and the American Cancer Society

Publisher: American Cancer Society

ISBN: 978-1-6044325-6-5

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An invaluable resource for anyone undergoing cancer treatment, this cookbook offers practical guidance and more than 130 recipes to help people cope with side effects.

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