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How to Enter



Publishers of print and audiobooks with a copyright date of 2022 may enter the current competition. Qualifying publishers include:

  • independent publishers

  • hybrid publishers

  • self-published authors

  • university presses

  • association presses


For books published in 2023:
We will begin accepting entries for books published in 2023 in June or July 2023. Please check back to download the Call for Entries.


For books published in 2022:

There are two periods of entry:

(1) July 1, 2022 to September 30, 2022.

(2) October 1, 2022 to December 15, 2022.


Usually, books published between January 2022 and August 2022 are entered in the first entry period and books published between September 2022 and December 2022 are entered in the second entry period. As long as the books have a copyright date of 2022, however, they can be entered any time prior to the final December 15, 2022 deadline. All entries must be postmarked no later than December 15, 2022. This final deadline cannot be extended.


Books with a copyright date other than 2022 will not be considered without proof that the book first became available for sale in 2022.


IBPA Benjamin Franklin Award entrants must be current members of the Independent Book Publishers Association (IBPA). To accommodate this, there are two fees for entry:

Fee for non-members of IBPA:

$229 for the initial entry; $95 for additional entries


$95 per title/per category, plus $134 to cover annual IBPA membership fee (an annual membership fee savings of from $6 to $335 depending on size of company)

Fee for current members of IBPA:

$95 for the initial entry; $95 for additional entries


  1. Decide which books with a copyright date of 2022 to enter into this year's competition.

  2. Calculate the overall entry fee.

    • Choose which category (or categories) to enter each book into. You may enter a book into as many categories as you'd like. The fee for the first category is $95 for IBPA members and $229 for non-members. The non-member fee includes a one year IBPA membership. The fee to enter a book into subsequent categories for both members and non-members is $95 per category.

      • MEMBER EXAMPLE: IBPA members who enter "Book A" in Category 8 and Category 56 and "Book B" in Category 1 pay $95 + $95 + $95 = $285. 

      • NON-MEMBER EXAMPLE: Non-members who enter "Book A" in Category 8 and Category 56 and "Book B" in Category 1 (i.e., the same as above) pay $229 + $95 + $95 = $419.

  3. Fill out a unique Entry Label for each book in each category.

    • Download the appropriate Entry Label above.

    • Fill out the ENTRY FEES and ENTRY LABEL sections for each book in each category.

    • Be sure to enter both the category number and name in the ENTRY LABEL section.

  4. Duplicate each Entry Label as appropriate.​​

    • For print books, a copy of the completed Entry Label must be placed inside the front cover of every book submitted. Four physical copies must be submitted for the initial category - one copy for each judge and one copy for the IBPA office - and three copies for each additional category - one copy for each judge.

      • MEMBER AND NON-MEMBER EXAMPLE: If you enter "Book A" in Category 8 and Category 56 and "Book B" in Category 1, a total of seven copies of "Book A" and four copies of "Book B" must be submitted.

    • For audiobooks, a single copy of the completed Entry Label must be submitted along with three Audible gift codes - that's one code for each judge. If your audiobook is not available on Audible, contact Terry Nathan at for additional options before entering the competition.

  5. Prepare your shipment.

    • Package all entries along with payment in a single shipment, double checking that a completed Entry Label is inside the front cover of each print book. Place payment in an easy-to-spot envelope labeled "PAYMENT" on top of the entries in the package. DO NOT INCLUDE ENTRY FEE INFORMATION INSIDE EACH BOOK AND DO NOT INCLUDE PAYMENT IN AN ENVELOPE ON THE OUTSIDE OF THE PACKAGE. If entering audiobooks as well as print books, the three Audible gift codes can be placed inside the payment envelope, as well. If entering only audiobooks, no physical books need to be sent.

  6. Ship your package.

    • Use a shipping service such as UPS, FedEx, or the USPS to insure on time delivery. DO NOT SEND FOURTH CLASS BOOK RATE.

    • Print and place the provided mailing label on the outside of your package to identify it as an IBPA Benjamin Franklin Award submission.

    • Ship to:


Independent Book Publishers Association

1020 Manhattan Beach Blvd., Ste 204

Manhattan Beach, CA 90266​

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