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See below for the list of 2021 finalists in the GRAPHIC NOVEL category, for books with a copyright date of 2020. Click here to watch the Gold and Silver winner speeches.

Dead Max Comix: Book 1, The Deadening
2021 Gold Winner

Author: Dana Sullivan

Publisher: Red Chair Press

ISBN: 978-1-63440-852-3

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Derrick Hollis is a 7th grader and an aspiring cartoonist, too shy to show his work to most people. When his dog Max dies, Derrick is devastated. But then Max returns from the other side to give Derrick advice. Will Dead Max be good for Derrick or lead him astray?

Icarus: The Longest Fall #1
2021 Silver Winner

Author: Gregory A. Wilson, script by Keith R.A. DeCandido, artwork by Áthila Fabbio

Publisher: Atthis Arts

ISBN: 978-1-945009-54-9

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Cinematic and adventurous, Icarus tells the story of two unlikely heroes: a flamepetal prospector down on his luck, and the winged young man with no memory who falls across his path. Together, they must discover the secret of Icarus’ past to save their worlds from the grasp of tyranny.

The Saga of Evil Monkey Man!: Season One
2021 Silver Winner

Author: N. Blake Seals, artwork by Butch Mapa

Publisher: Monarch Comics, LLC

ISBN: 9781735836829

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It's a mind-altering, time-traveling, reality-bending, criss-cross quest across America in a search for a way to become human once again. It's all fun and games, until someone gets turned into a monkey!


See below for the list of 2020 winners in the GRAPHIC NOVEL category, for books with a copyright date of 2019.

Chickasaw Adventures.jpg
Chickasaw Adventures: The Complete Collection
2020 Gold Winner

Artwork: Tom Lyle

Publisher: Chickasaw Press

ISBN: 978-1-935684-79-4

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Follow Johnny as he journeys into the past, where he discovers the unconquerable spirit of his ancestors and learns what it means to be Chickasaw.

Invisible Empire.jpg
The Invisible Empire: Madge Oberholzer and the Unmasking of the Ku Klux Klan
2020 Silver Winner

Authors: Micky Neilsoin and Todd Warger, illustrated by Marc Borstel

Publisher: Insight Comics

ISBN: 978-1-68383-447-2

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Discover the true story of Madge Oberholtzer in this graphic novel retelling of her controversial case, which exposed the political corruption in Indiana and revealed the true face of the infamous Ku Klux Klan. 

VEI, Vol. 1

Authors: Sara B. Elfgren and Karl Johnsson

Publisher: Insight Comics

ISBN: 978-1-68383-449-6

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VEI weaves together an incredible tale that pits man against God and God against God in an outstanding Hunger Games meets Norse mythology graphic novel.

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