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Watch the following video to see which of the four finalists below won gold, and which won silver.


See below for the list of 2021 finalists in the HISTORY category, for books with a copyright date of 2020. Register to attend the virtual award ceremony (May 11-14, 2021) to learn which book wins Gold.


See below for the list of 2023 winners in the HISTORY category, for books with a copyright date of 2022.

Capital City: History of Tishomingo
2023 Gold Winner

Author: Paul F. Lambert

Publisher: Chickasaw Press

ISBN: 978-1-952397-46-2

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In Capital City: History of Tishomingo, Paul F. Lambert chronicles the lives, politics and sometimes the unusual, in one of Oklahoma’s oldest and most historically significant communities, while recounting the travails and triumphs of a small town enduring the passage of time.

Twas the Night: The Art and History of the Classic Christmas Poem
2023 Silver Winner

Author: written and compiled by Pamela McColl

Publisher: Grafton & Scratch Publishers

ISBN: 9781927979303

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"For the very first time, the poem's own story is presented. It's a luscious, entertaining tome that took ten years to create. "  David Paul Kirkpatrick, American film producer and writer, former President, Paramount Pictures.
"A delightful and informative exploration of "A Visit From St. Nicholas" for the holiday season." Kirkus Reviews.

The White House: An Historic Guide
2023 Silver Winner

Publisher: The White House Historical Association


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This 26th edition of the Historic Guide features new spreads with photographs of behind-the-scenes areas including the bowling alley, the kitchen, collections storage, the calligraphy office, the floral shop, the tennis court, and pool. It also provide readers with a more comprehensive view of the State Floor with fold-out pages and wide-angle photos.


See below for the list of 2022 winners in the HISTORY category, for books with a copyright date of 2021.

John Deere Evolution: The Design and Engineering of an American Icon
2022 Gold Winner

Author: Lee Klancher

Publisher: Octane Press

ISBN: 9781642340082

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An encyclopedic, behind-the-scenes look at how every model line built by John Deere since 1919 was designed and built. Matching the strong visuals is an in-depth history that includes interviews with the engineers, industrial designers, and other Deere & Co. people who designed, built, and sold the machines.

Designing Camelot: The Kennedy White House Restoration and Its Legacy
2022 Silver Winner

Authors: James Archer Abbott and Elaine Rice Bachmann

Publisher: The White House Historical Association

ISBN: 978-1-931917-95-7

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On February 23, 1961, Jacqueline Kennedy launched the most historic and celebrated redesign of the White House in its history. Thanks to the vision of the young first lady, a committee was formed, a law was passed, donations were sought, a nonprofit partner was chartered, and an inalienable museum-quality collection that would belong to the nation was born. An illustrated chronicle of the restoration, this volume celebrates the sixty-year legacy of one of the most influential interior design projects in American history.

James Hoban: Designer & Builder of the White House
2022 Silver Winner

Author: Stewart D. McLaurin

Publisher: The White House Historical Association

ISBN: 978-1-931917-96-4

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When considering the design of the President’s House, President George Washington asked after a young Irish builder he had learned of while visiting in Charleston, South Carolina. The resulting structure, accomplished in time for President John Adams to take residence in November 1800, fulfilled Washington’s vision and is today one of the most recognizable landmarks in the world. With this anthology, the world’s most knowledgeable scholars on James Hoban introduce us to him, presenting the story of his life, influences, and work. The essays are followed by an illustrated catalog of nearly 100 images of historic Dublin, Irish Country Houses, the White House, and sites known to James Hoban in America.


See below for the list of 2021 winners in the HISTORY category, for books with a copyright date of 2020. Click here to watch the Gold and Silver winner speeches.

Wine and the White House: A History
2021 Gold Winner

Author: Frederick J. Ryan, Jr.

Publisher: White House Historical Association

ISBN: 978-1-950273-07-2

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Whether you’re a devotee of presidential history, a lover of wine, or both, Wine and the White House: A History is sure to prove informative and entertaining. The first book of its kind, it is a comprehensive journey through the history of White House hospitality that explores every president’s experience of wine. The fully illustrated pages also feature memorable presidential toasts, menus from historic White House gatherings, a catalog of vintages served, and spectacular new photography of the White House glassware collection.

Anonymous is a Woman: A Global Chronicle of Gender Inequality
2021 Silver Winner

Author: Nina Ansary

Publisher: Revela Press

ISBN: 978-0-9864064-4-7

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Follow Anonymous Is a Woman on a 4,000-year journey to expose the roots and manifestations of systemic gender discrimination. The book’s biographical profiles of fifty forgotten female innovators—brought to life by international illustrator Petra Dufkova—shatter centuries of hidden social and cultural bias about women's capabilities and tell groundbreaking stories about their contributions to the global community.

The Knights of Columbus: An Illustrated History
2021 Silver Winner

Authors: Andrew T. Walther and Maureen H. Walther

Publisher: Square One Publishers, Inc.

ISBN: 978-0-7570-0308-0

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Lavishly illustrated with hundreds of beautiful photos, The Knights of Columbus: An Illustrated History is a splendidly produced hardcover that presents the inspiring story of this remarkable organization—and the many ways in which it has helped individuals, while also helping to shape American and world history at key moments.


See below for the list of 2020 winners in the HISTORY category, for books with a copyright date of 2019.

Music Hall.jpg
Music Hall: How a City Built a Theater and a Theater Shaped a City
2020 Gold Winner

Author: J. Dennis Robinson

Publisher: Great Life Press

ISBN: 978-1-938394-34-8

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The lively, richly illustrated history of an 1878 theater from minstrelsy and Wild West shows through silent films, vaudeville, near destruction, and a thrilling revival.

American Eagle.jpg
American Eagle: A Visual History of Our National Emblem
2020 Silver Winner

Author: Preston Cook

Publisher: Goff Books

ISBN: 978-1-941806-28-9

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American Eagle: A Visual History of Our National Emblem is a visual survey that explores the eagle that represents American culture, politics, and history.

History of the American Space
The History of the American Space Shuttle
2020 Silver Winner

Author: Dennis R. Jenkins

Publisher: Schiffer Publishing

ISBN: 978-0-7643-5770-1

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This book provides a detailed overview of the history of winged spacecraft and the development of the "space shuttle," over 30 years and 135 missions.

They Changed the World.jpg
They Changed the World: People of the Manhattan Project
2020 Silver Winner

Author: aj Melnick

Publisher: Pajarito Press LLC

ISBN: 978-1-948386-02-9

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"This book captures so well the people, both famous and ordinary, who shaped the Manhattan Project, one of the great adventure stories of American history." -- John Rhoades, Former Director, Bradbury Science Museum of Los Alamos National Laboratory

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