See below for the list of 2021 winners in the EDUCATION  category, for books with a copyright date of 2020. Click here to watch the Gold and Silver winner speeches.

Sing Like Never Before: A Creative Look at Vocal Technique & Pedagogy for Singers & Voice Teachers
2021 Gold Winner

Author: Justin Stoney, illustrated by Mark Pate

Publisher: Mission Point Press

ISBN: 978-1-950659-75-3

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Sing Like Never Before was created to help Singers and Voice Teachers understand complex ideas and concepts while still keeping the fun and the Joy throughout the process. With its colorful artwork and entertaining style, Sing Like Never Before is making vocal technique practical and accessible for vocalists and pedagogues everywhere.

Antiracism and Universal Design for Learning: Building Expressways to Success
2021 Silver Winner

Author: Andratesha Fritzgerald

Publisher: CAST Professional Publishing

ISBN: 978-1-930583-70-2

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Drawing vivid lessons from her urban classrooms, Andratesha Fritzgerald shows teachers how to open new avenues of communication and skill-building to help Black and Brown students become expert learners who also feel honored and loved. The key? Blending antiracist principles with a science-based framework for inclusive teaching and learning.

Intern Talk: A Guide to Walking the Walk
2021 Silver Winner

Author: Anthony Louis

Publisher: City of Light Publishing

ISBN: 978-1-942483-26-7

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From navigating interviews and crafting résumés to effective networking and personal branding, Intern Talk is a career coach and adviser disguised as a book. It not only guides students in the pursuit of professional opportunities, but also offers a somewhat novel approach to achieving a lifetime of career success.


See below for the list of 2020 winners in the EDUCATION category, for books with a copyright date of 2019.

Raising Will.jpg
Raising Will: Surviving the Brilliance and Blues of ADHD
2020 Gold Winner

Author: Katherine Quie, PhD, LP

Publisher: Wise Ink Creative Publishing

ISBN: 978-1-63489-217-9

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"This memoir is the real deal. Read it. Laugh, cry, learn, fly, and discover the superpower embedded in the condition so misleadingly and inaccurately called ADHD." --Dr. Edward Hallowell, national ADHD expert and New York Times bestselling author

Its Okay to Say They.jpg
It's Okay to Say "They": Tips for Educator Allies of Transgender and Nonbinary Students
2020 Silver Winner

Author: Christy Whittlesey , PhD

Publisher: Dave Burgess Consulting, Inc.

ISBN: 978-1949595895

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This guide helps educators become better allies to transgender and nonbinary students by avoiding gendered language practices, designing inclusive curricula, and shaping conscientious school policies for students.

Step In Step Up.jpg
Step In, Step Up: Empowering Women for the School Leadership Journey
2020 Silver Winner

Author: Jane A.G. Kise and Barbara K. Watterston

Publisher: Solution Tree Press

ISBN: 978-1-943874-30-9

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This book guides women leaders through a twelve-week development journey to discover their personal leadership identity and overcome the gender barriers to leadership in education.

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