2020 Winners

Professional & Technical

Watch the following video to see which of the four finalists below won gold, and which won silver.

Farmall Cub Encyclopedia: The Essential Guide to Models, History, Implements, and Repair

Authors: Kenneth Updike and Rachel Gingell

Publisher: Octane Press LLC

ISBN: 978-1-937747-25-1

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The Farmall Cub Encyclopedia provides step-by-step instruction for maintenance and repair as well as an in-depth history of all models, making it both an introduction and an authoritative resource for the novice and experienced tractor owner alike.

Motorcycle Accident Reconstruction

Authors: Nathan A. Rose and William T.C. Neale

Publisher: SAE International

ISBN: 978-0-7680-9507-4

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Written by two specialists who provide analyses of physical factors that affect motorcycle visibility, motorcycle usage at night, and human factors in motorcycle crashes.

The Place Economy, Vol 2: From Nations to Neighbourhoods, Countries to Communities 

Author: Hoyne

Publisher: Hoyne

ISBN: 978-0-9953771-7-2

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The Place Economy™ is a resource book on the social and economic benefits of effective placemaking.

Urban Grids: Handbook for Regular City Design

Authors: Joan Busquets, Dingliang Yang, and Michael Keller

Publisher: ORO Editions

ISBN: 978-1-940743-95-0

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Urban Grids analyzes cities and urban projects that utilize the grid as the main structural device for allowing rational development, and proposes speculative design projects that suggest new urban paradigms drawn from the grid.

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