2020 Winners

Nature & Environment


Watch the following video to see which of the three finalists below won gold, and which won silver.

Beauty and the Beast: California Wildflowers and Climate Change

Authors: Rob Badger and Nita Winter

Publisher: WinterBadger Press

ISBN: 978-1-7331044-0-1

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Art and science are seamlessly woven into a stunning coffee table book inspiring hope and action. A thoughtful collaboration of many hearts and minds dedicated to protecting Nature’s beauty.

Fantastic Fungi: How Mushrooms Can Heal, Shift Consciousness & Save the Planet

Editor & Contributor: Paul Stamets

Publisher: Earth Aware Editions

ISBN: 978-1-68383-704-6

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Learn about the network under our feet, which has the ability to restore the planet’s ecosystems, repair our health, and resurrect our relationship with nature.

A Wholly Admirable Thing: Defending Nature and Community on the South Carolina Coast

Authors: Virginia & Dana Beach

Publisher: Evening Post Books

ISBN: 978-1-929647-41-5

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Stories that showcase the rise of South Carolina’s Coastal Conservation League to one of the country’s most tenacious and innovative conservation groups.

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